1. ​ My biggest turn offs are untrimmed pubic hair, untrimmed nails,  bad breath,  and body odor (Please wear deodorant to our appointment if you typically do not). 

2. My location is private and all though I love gifts, this is not the time to bring them.  Please do not bring flowers or other gifts that can not be hid. Please bring paperwork or a briefcase with you so it appears to be  a business meeting.  

3.  The donation should be in an envelope and place on a table before our session starts.  200 for 1 hour; 300 for 90min and 400 for 2 hours for all incalls. All donations should be in cash only.  I do not accept credit cards or gift cards. 

4. Please read my reviews on the other board, I am a reviewed escort. The reviews should give you an idea of what will be offered in our session.

5. Please don't ask me about services on the phone, email, or text.  I provide GFE services only. I prefer mature gentleman over the age of 40.  I enjoy being sensual/gentleness and taking my time with each client.  Please treat me like a lady.   I also do not take outfit requests; I will be causally dressed for our appointment.  

​6. Please note when making an appointment that being on time is important.  I will often be on a tight schedule for the day, as I have other jobs.   I reserve the right to cancel if you are more than 10 min late and haven't contacted me.  If you are going to be late please do not expect the session to be past the original agreement time.  I never rush appointments but I also ask respect of my time as I would respect yours. 

7.  If we have not met and you cancel our appointment...I most likely will not reschedule with you.   Please understand my time is valuable and I don't appreciate gentlemen who don't respect that. I make myself available a few days a week, so keeping your appointment is a must.  If your schedule is busy please wait and schedule on a day you are not working.  

Please read before appointment

Maggie Maddix