Maggie Maddix

Greetings, gentlemen! It’s your girl Maggie here. You’re looking at my profile, so I know you’re interested, at least a little. Let’s see if we can get you all the way there. No shame in getting a little turned on while you’re reading what makes me tick! First of all, I was born a redhead, I love red hair! Red heads have way more fun! I came to Denver and discovered that my look was sought after by men from all over the world. I have that exotic air about me which men find alluring. I'm very happy about that because it has enabled me to meet a lot of interesting people and also take some marvelous trips. I love to play, and when I’m in sync with a playmate, there is nowhere else I’d rather be!

Do you like these photos? What comes to mind when you see a hot redhead escort bent over? Are you imagining your heart racing when I’m wearing nothing but my heels and a smile? Expensive perfume on my pulse points fills the space around me with a delightful aroma. Breathe me in while I am showing you just how womanly I really am. I’ll let you tell me what to do while I am your personal showgirl. When I’m in front of you, I’m all the girls you’ve ever lusted after, but couldn’t have. You are free to let your mind go wild as you unleash all those stifled desires. I’m not going to be a buzz kill; I’m going to make you high.

It didn’t take me long to learn the ways to make escorting a successful career. Men want a sincere woman who isn’t feigning interest. I am always interested when a man is in my presence. I believe men are strong and meant to be leaders. I know my role and understand who I need to be when in the company of a real man. Knowing when to assert my intelligence is a finely honed skill. I know some guys with full lives just want light-hearted fun with a young lady who isn’t going to ask a lot of questions. Though, I am a smart cookie. I can talk just about anything. Again, I know what it takes to be a successful escort, and being well-rounded is a big part of it.

Take a peek at my soft white breasts and eager lips. When I’m turned on, my lips part and my breathing is shallow. I really get into the moment and do not fail to make sure we both reach erotic heights. I look amazing in person and am absolutely desirable when sprawled out on your bed. Oh, the ways in which we can work each other up in that room of yours! Turn on the air, and call on me to bring the heat!

Phone: 720-557-5853
Age: 35
Height: 5.6
Ethnicity: white
Gender: Female
Weight: 140
Type: Escort
Availability: Incall in Boulder, CO
Measurements: 34DD

Disclaimer: Money exchanged for incall entertainment services is for my time and companionship only