Dos & Don'ts

1.   Please always schedule appointments via the website.  This will  help

      free up time and space for Maggie.  If a day and time is not  listed,

     then  unfortunately it is not available.  Please don't contact Maggie

     and ask if  she can meet "right now" .  Prebooking is the only method

    Maggie will be using moving forward.  Good news for the client is, you

    don't  have to wait for a text from Maggie to make an appointment.  

2.   Please do arrive on-time for your appointment.  Please do 

     text Maggie upon arrival, and wait for Maggie to text back

     that she is ready for you. Please do not just show up at

     Maggie's door with no communication, even if you have an


3.  Please arrive freshly showered, if you have not showered recently,

    Maggie will ask you to shower before the appointment begins.  

4.  Place you donation on the dresser prior to the session beginning.

5.  Please do not ask to change the appointment duration when

    you arrive or right before the appointment.  Maggie keeps a tight

    schedule and this can cause a strain for her, as she does not want to 

    tell any client no. 

6.  As a client you are also responsible for knowing the time during the

    appointment.   Maggie will not extend the appointment for any

    reason.  Be respectful of Maggie's time or you may not be allowed to

    return.  The kind thing to do if you do take additional time of

    Maggie's is to leave a tip. 

7.  Maggie loves all her clients but please be respectful of the client

    relationship.  Maggie respects your privacy and time, please respect

    hers.  If you would like to take Maggie out on a date, then please

    do so via the website.  Expecting Maggie to hang out outside of the

    professional/client role, can not happen, no matter how much you         

   get  along during the sessions.  Maggie does not date her clients. 

With all that being said...I love my clients. I enjoy every moment doing this.  All these dos and don'ts allow me to really give my heart and soul to this business.  Companionship is a lost art!!  I enjoy gentlemen and  you are the reason I keep coming back.  My sessions are amazing half because of me and half because of you, too!!  I love every single one on you, and you are a huge part of who I am.  So don't let a few dos and don'ts shy you away.... you will not be disappointed,.